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This guide contains information about American and international governments and elections.

Finding Cases On Google Scholar

A screenshot of the Google Scholar Homepage

A screenshot showing the user to select Case Law and to select the courts you would like to search in.


A screenshot showing the user that there are options to search in Georgia State Courts and all Federal Courts.



A screenshot showing the user where the Georgia State Court options.

A screenshot showing the user the options of selecting Georgia Federal Courts of the 11th Circuts.


Federal Court Documents By State

Finding State and Federal Courts

Department of Justice - State and Federal Courts - Locate all of the state and federal level court websites.

A screenshot showing the U.S. Department of Justice portal to locate federal and state level courts by state.

Example: Pennsylvania

  • Scroll down and find 'Pennsylvania' or click on the state in the map, once you are on the website

A screenshot showing the user to scroll down and select the 'Pennsylvania' link to see the list of Federal and State courts.

  • Click on 

A screenshot of the list of federal and state courts in Pennsylvania.

A screenshot of the Department of Justice Website showing the user the local and state level courts of Pennsylvania.

A screenshot showing the user that the Pennsylvania courts homepage has a cases of public interest page.

  • Many states have a section of their court website dedicated to cases that a clear indication of public interest. Pennsylvania's Superior Court website has a 'Cases of Public Interest' webpage. The 2020 Presidential Election has a link noted by the arrow in the image. 

A screenshot of the website listing cases of public interest. The image shows an arrows pointing to the 2020 Election link.

A screenshot of the Pennsylvania unified Judicial System's 2020 Election related cases at the State Superior Court and local level courts.

A screenshot showing the user selected one of the cases and shows links to the documents that are publically available for that case