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This guide contains information about American and international governments and elections.

About This Page


This page contains information to help you find sources related to American and international elections. It also provides links to resources related to government documents and information. In addition, you will find how you can register to vote in Georgia and other states, change your voter registration information, or check your current registration status. 

50 States Election Guide and Tool Kits - This link will take you to your state's information for voting in local, state, and federal elections. 

Your Vote Matters!


Voting is a fundamental right in the United States and every vote counts. Voting gives you the opportunity to choose a candidate who best represents your beliefs, values, and who will fulfill the office to the best of their abilities. If you want your candidate in office, you need to get to the ballot box and encourage those around you to do the same. Don't know who to choose? How to Judge a Candidate is a great source of information to find out what to consider when making a decision on who to vote for. 

It only takes one vote to sway a primary or election. Don't let others choose your government officials for you. Look up your state's primary or caucus and register to vote, if you haven't already. 

Did You Know?

Only 45 percent of voters, (PDF, Download Adobe Reader) under the age of 30 voted in the 2012 Presidential election. You Americans can influence the direction of this country, but less than half of young voters are doing so. Know the issues you care about. Find out who represents your values and concerns best and vote for that person. 

(Adapted from Patricia Kenly, GeorgiaTech)

Voter Registration Information

Voter Registration and Information in Georgia

Voter Registration Information From Government Agencies

Columbus, GA Elections

Columbus, GA Voting Information

Contact the Columbus, GA Election and Registration Office

Screenshot of the contact information for the Columbus, GA election office. Image is linked to the webpage.

*From the Columbus, GA Election and Registration Office

What Is A Primary Election?

What Is A Primary Election?


What Is A Caucus?

What Is A Caucus?

Election Basics

Fact Checking