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Government Documents

This is a guide to government resources that are commonly used in research.


Federal Depository Library ProgramFederal Depository Library Program

The Government Documents Department supports the Libraries' objectives by providing federal and state resources, instruction, and other services for Columbus State University and the local community. If you should have any questions, feel free to contact Alison Cook or Jaqueline Radebaugh. 

Events Coming Up

Image tells viewers that Constitution Day is September 17, 2021 and to stay tuned for more details for events at Columbus State University.

Constitution Day is almost here. Stay tuned for events at the library!

Check out the Interactive Constitution for the text history and meaning of the U.S. Constitution. 


                The logo for GIL-Find CSU Library Catalog            Government documents in a physical form (paper, cd, etc.) are located on the third floor of the library building on the main campus. 

The documents are listed in the Libraries' catalog. Many documents published since the late nineties have electronic versions.

History and Overview

An image of the books from the Government Documents CollectionGovernment Documents At Columbus State University

Established as a federal depository library (No. 0120A) in 1975, the collection of United States government documents covers a variety of topics to assist students with their curriculum needs and provide resources for the community. 

Where are the print government documents located?

The government documents available in print are located on the third floor of the main library. 

The documents at Schwob Library are listed in the catalog. You will find both print and/or electronic formats included. 

What is a "Government Document"

An image of a part of the Government Documents Collection at Columbus State University

What are government documents?

Government documents (GovDocs) are items printed by federal, state, local, or even international agencies. Booth Library is a federal and state depository of many items made available to the public through the free dispersal of certain classes of published government information. (So, there's no need to travel to Atlanta, GA, or Washington, DC to read them!)

GovDocs are an invaluable source of information and do not just pertain to historical, legal, or political subjects: you can find all kinds of topics in our GovDocs room from ecology, fine arts, and health care to maps, medicine, science, and technology.  

History of GPO

About Sudoc

Federal documents are arranged by the U.S. Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) Classification System based on the issuing government agency.

For example, the SuDocs number for the Department of Justice begins with "J" and "ED" identifies documents from the Department of Education.

The FDLP has more information on their SuDoc webpage. Michigan State University has an excellent guide on using SuDoc Classification that also explains in plain language how the numbers are created. 

Talk With A Library Professional

Live Research and Assignment Help

Need research or homework help and cannot come to the library? No problem! Type your question in the chatbox below, call the reference desk, send a text, or email and a library professional will respond to you shortly after, during our normal hours. If you submit your question outside of regular hours, we will respond as soon as possible when we return the following business day. Our subject-specific research and study guides can be very helpful,l as well. 

Check out our list of reference faculty and staff if you have a subject-specific question and want to contact a librarian directly, who also often respond even after the regular chat and text hours. However, this is not guaranteed. The faculty and staff at CSU Libraries can be fairly flexible in meeting you virtually or one-on-one to assist you in your academic goals and pursuits. 



Collection Development Policy

The Columbus State University's Government Documents Collection Development Policy is available online.