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Personal Finance

This guide is intended to help with finding information related to personal finance, credit, debt, college on a budget, and many other relevant topics.

Personal Finance 101

Image is clipart of a calculatorHow do I start learning about personal finance?

Learning about personal finance can become very overwhelming. This guide will assist you in locating tools and resources that are credible and will guide you to the personal finance topics you are interested in. I am not a financial planner, nor is this guide intended to give you financial advice. This guide is only intended to guide you to information from reliable sources. Speak with a financial counselor, planner, or other finance experts for account and investment advice and planning. 

Introduction to Money Topics

The following links are information published by the federal government and non-profit organizations dedicated to teaching and increasing access to basic financial information. Users can learn about consumer issues, unclaimed money, government services, and reaching financial goals. 

Financial Literacy For College Students

Financial Literacy Tools For College Students

The following web sources are resources to promote lifelong learning about money and investments. Many of these sources also guide students to budgeting strategies and how to be a college student on a budget. 

Georgia Personal Financial Literacy

Foundation for Financial Planning