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This guide contains information about American and international governments and elections.

Meet the Candidates - 2020 Presidential Election

Meet the candidates for the 2020 U.S. Presidential election:

Presidential Candidate Vice President Party
Donald J. Trump* Mike Pence Republican (GOP)
Joe R. Biden, Jr. (winner) Kamala Harris Democrat
Jo Jorgensen Spike Cohen Libertarian
Howie Hawkins Angela Nicole Walker Green Party

*Denotes Incumbent 

For more information on the candidates of the 2020 Election, including those who dropped out, visit: Click on the presidential candidate's name to be brought to their official campaign website.

2020 Election Results - Electoral Map

2020 Election Topics

A project at MIT (formerly at Pew Research) to track how efficient and effective states are in administering elections. Ranks and measures the states on 17 indicators (e.g., voter registration rate, turnout %, voting wait time, provisional ballots rejected, etc.). Data available in .csv and as an interactive report; 2008-2018.

* *From Jeremy Darrington's U.S. Elections: Election and Voter Data Guide. It is an excellent guide to finding data sources for various topics related to elections and politics. 

Donald Trump v. Joe Biden