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This guide contains information about American and international governments and elections.

About This Page

About this Page

This page contains CSU Libraries' Resources available to faculty, students, and staff. Here you will find tons of information sources which include databases, the library catalog, book suggestions, and more. Be sure to check out the other tabs of this guide for more information on specific areas and topics related to elections. 

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Books and eBooks

eBook Databases

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Resources For Researching Election Topics

The ERA, hosted by SUNY-Binghamton's Center on Democratic Performance, contains results from legislative and presidential elections from 1974 onwards for countries that meet a minimum threshold of democratic governance.

*** Be sure to look at the Datasets, Polling, and Statistics tab of this guide. It contains a lot more information regarding this topic. 

Datasets and Polling

See the Statistics, Datasets, and Polling tab of this guide. Be sure to see the Public Opinion & National Polling Information section of the page. 

Misinformation and Fact-Checking

Below are selections of ebooks related to misinformation and fact-checking. Titles also delve into topics related to media bias and its effects. 

Click on the icon clipart for more information on the title. Content of all titles is accessible to CSU Faculty, Staff, and Students only. 


Additional Fact-Checking information

Be sure to check the Fact-Checking 2020 Election Topics in the News box of the 2020 Presidential Election page of this guide for additional fact-checking resources, especially in relation to fact-checking election information. Other helpful boxes on that page are the Fact-Checking Feed and the Feed. 

Web Links To Campaign Finance Reform

Published by the Congressional Research Service (CRS).

  • The Campaign Legal Center 

    Provides information on proposed legislation and other legal aspects of campaign finance, elections, political communication, ethics, etc.

Campaign Financing Web Sources

***See the Campaign Finance tab of this guide for more specific information for election research related to campaign finance.  

Election Related Court Cases

Election Court Cases: Finding Court Documents

Court documents can be found in several ways; however, often, there is a processing fee, even to view online. Below are two organizations that provide court documents for current election litigation for federal and state election law-related cases, free of charge. 

Democracy Docket

Founded in 2020, Democracy Docket is a reliable source of news that delivers detailed analysis and expert commentary on voting rights, election litigation, and policy that will shape our elections and democratic institutions for years to come.

With a comprehensive database of over 650 cases, Democracy Docket tracks and reports on the latest election and voting-related litigation, providing filings, in-depth analysis, and up-to-date developments about court proceedings.*

Started in 2010, Free Law Project is the leading 501(c)(3) nonprofit using technology, data, and advocacy to make the legal ecosystem more equitable and competitive.**



*From Democracy Docket's About Page 

** From the About Court Listener page

Studies and History of Elections

provides integrated teaching, research, and study program focusing on Congress and the presidency and the interactions of these two fundamental American institutions. Its projects include a federal election project, improving campaign conduct, etc.


Films On Demand is available to faculty and students that contain video content on hundreds of topics and disciplines. 

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Non-Partisan Fact Checking Sites

Top Rated Fact-Checking Organizations Logo. Image is linked. logo for logo. Image is linked to go to the homepage. BBC Fact Checking Site logo: Reality Check. Image is linked.

Election Laws and Rules By State