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Here you can find access to business related databases, journals, books, and links to professional and scholarly websites.

Getting Started

This section of the guide is to help researchers locate resources using Columbus State University Libraries resources. This page will show you how to Search GALILEO by Database, finding journal articles and narrowing down your search results list, and how to search through journals if the name of the journal is known. 

What Are Scholarly Journal Articles?

Scholarly journal articles are written by experts in a particular field of study. Their purpose is to keep others interested in the field up to date with the most recent research and findings. More so than books, scholarly journal articles are where to turn if you wish to discover recent thinking for a specific discipline.

Journal articles are published in journals, essentially magazines, but for an academic audience. A journal will be published multiple times per year and is organized by volumes (and sometimes issues).*

What are peer-reviewed articles?

Peer-reviewed articles, also known as refereed articles, are scholarly journal articles that have been reviewed and edited by experts in that field before being accepted for publishing. Usually, the author is unknown to the reviewer and so the article is accepted solely on its merit and not on the reputation of the author. Thus it is more likely to be a highly rigorous and credible article.* 

*Text From Finding Journal Articles Libguide From Curtain University

Why Are Scholarly Journals Important?

Scholarly articles are excellent sources of information for your assignments because they provide:

  • Authoritative information was written by experts in the field
  • Verifiable and reliable evidence for claims in the form of a bibliography or reference list
  • Current information. As they are often the place where research in a field is first published, the information in journal articles is usually more up-to-date than the information in books
  • Specialized information which focuses on a specific aspect of a topic.

Identifying Journal Articles

Most scholarly journal articles have the following features:

  • Names of authors and their affiliations. This information will enable you to confirm that the authors are experts in the field. 

  • Abstract. The abstract is a brief summary of the article written by the authors. The abstract will help you to determine if the article is relevant to your topic.

  • Keywords (not always in the article). These keywords are assigned to the article by the authors. It can be useful to consider adding these keywords as alternative search terms.  

  • Reference list. When you find a recent relevant article it can be useful to follow up the references to find further information.

Screenshot of a journal article that highlights the components of how to identify a journal article. The Author, Affiliation, and Abstract are highlighted.

Screenshot on the elements of identifying a journal article. The acknowledgements show the article is peer-reviewed and there is a link that leads to the addition work and credentials of the author.

Find Known Journal Articles

Finding a Specific Article


Your professor assigns you an article to read as homework and provides the citation below:

Shepherd, D. A., Williams, T. A., & Zhao, E. Y. (2019). A Framework for Exploring the Degree of Hybridity in Entrepreneurship. Academy of Management Perspectives33(4), 491–512.

A screenshot showing the user where the A-Z Journals link is on the homepage.

  • In the search box, type the name of the journal. In this example, the journal name is Academy of Management Perspectives

A screenshot showing the user to go to the year of publication, then the issue number.

  • Using the information from the citation, click on 2019 (the year of publication), Volume 33, Issue 4 (information is highlighted and would look like, '33(4).'

    • Shepherd, D. A., Williams, T. A., & Zhao, E. Y. (2019). A Framework for Exploring the Degree of Hybridity in  Entrepreneurship. Academy of Management Perspectives33(4), 491–512.

  • Then scroll until you find the correct article.