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Types of Companies


A company is considered public if its shares of equity are traded on a stock exchange. Public companies are required to submit filings to the SEC, making information much easier to locate.


A company is considered private if it is not traded on a stock exchange and is not owned by a larger parent company. They are not required to submit SEC filings, which can make finding financial information a bit trickier if it is available.


A company that operates under the control of a larger parent company is a subsidiary. The parent company may be a private or public company. The parent company may not disclose the financial performance of individual subsidiaries. You may need to read the management discussion in SEC filings such as 10-K, study the information provided on the subsidiary’s and parent company’s websites, or find news articles in order to find information about financial performance and strategy.

Finding SEC Information

Websites For Company Research

Tips For Finding Company Information:

Be sure to check the company website itself. Often the company website is overlooked but can be a wealth of information about its history, financial information, products, and other valuable information. Looking at the company website is particularly useful if the company is a private company

Web Sources For Company Information

Georgia Company Information

A screenshot of services of the secretary of state's office. They are in charge of elections, corporations, securities, charities, and cemetaries.

The Georgia Secretary of State is charged with enforcement of codes and statutes related to corporations, elections licensing, securities, and charities. They investigate fraud in these areas and refer cases for prosecution to the appropriate law enforcement agency. 

Georgia Secretary of State: Brad Raffensperger


214 State Capitol
Atlanta, Georgia 30334


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