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Criminal Justice

Resources and help for topics relating to criminal justice.

Brainstorming Keywords & Search Terms

How do I find a good topic?  What keywords should I use to search for my topic?  

Selecting a topic for research can be daunting since criminal justice is such a broad topic. It can also be frustrating to find the right combination of keywords or subject terms to find relevant information for your topic. 

1. Try looking at the National Criminal Justice Reference Center.

This site has topics relating to criminal justice. It is an A-Z topics list and is very comprehensive. You may have to narrow down the topic to form a thesis but this website will help get you started. 

National Criminal Justice Reference Center (NCJRC)

Pro Tip: The NCJRC also has a thesaurus to help you find related, broader, and narrower search terms. 

Thesaurus Index

2. General Brainstorming for Keywords

Look at these videos for ideas on how to organize and brainstorm keywords for your search question. 

Brainstorming Keywords in Library Databases

Choosing Keywords and Brainstorming

Thesis Statement

Here are a few tutorials on how to develop a thesis. 

OWL - Perdue University

Thesis Statements: Four Steps to a Great Essay

Thesis Statement Checklist

  • Is your thesis statement one sentence?
  • Is it clear what your position is on the topic?
  • Does it appear early on in the paper?
  • Does it summarize everything in your paper?
  • Is it based on evidence (sources)?

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