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Information for military members and their families related to CSU and federal programs and information.

Tell Your Story


Telling Your History

If you are looking to tell your experiences in the military, several organizations document the oral histories of soldiers:


Veteran's Oral Histories


Columbus and Georgia Veteran Stories

The following are local and statewide sources for information related to veteran stories and oral history projects. 

The National Infantry Museum 

Located in Columbus, GA, The National Infantry Museum is an excellent source of information about the history of the U.S. military, Fort Benning, and veteran stories.

Oral History Projects and Veteran's Stories Nationwide


History Channel - Gallery of Veteran's Stories


Variety Announces Salute to Service Special on the History Channel - Variety


Veteran's Stories 

Learn about veterans from Operation Iraqi Freedom back through to the American Revolution. This like will take you to the History Channel's Veteran's Stories homepage.


Open Access Videos

The Pew Research Center: War and Sacrifice and the Post 9/11 Era


Additional Links From the Pew Research Center: