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Psychology (2020/2021): Home

This guide was created to help students develop search strategies and discover authoritative sources for writing and scholarship in Psychology.


Psychology ( Oxford English Dictionary) 

The scientific study of the nature, functioning, and development of the human mind, including the faculties of reason, emotion, perception, communication, etc.‚Äč...

Psychology Research Guide Overview

Lost in the library?  Browse for BOOKS on the THIRD FLOOR: 

B = Psychology.  The "B's" include Psychology, Religion and Philosophy

R = Medicine. Behavioral  and psychiatric-related topics that are more medically related. 

H  = Social Sciences. Sociological topics such as love, sex, marriage, and more... 

Guides and Tutorials

Subject Guide

With Permission

Parts of this guide were inspired by and borrowed with permission: 

Learning Strategies for College Success by Jessica Crossfield - McIntosh, MLIS