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OpenStax Psychology Resources Guide: Sensation & Perception

Teaching and assessment materials to accompany the OpenStax Psychology textbook


By the end of this module, students will be able to:
  1. Identify, compare, and understand the purpose of major sensory systems.
  2. Distinguish between sensation and perception.
  3. Describe and recognize examples of thresholds and their role in perception; define and recognize subliminal stimulation.
  4. Articulate limitations of sensation and perception for some populations; state various treatments/solutions for some permanent limitations.
  5. Identify and apply Gestalt principles of perception.
  6. Consider the roles of sensation and perception in their lives.
  7. Recognize the impact of expectations on perceptions.

TEDx: Daniel Simons' "Seeing the World As It Isn't"

Simons and Chabris' (1999) Selective Attention Test

Simons and Levin's (1998) The "Door" Study