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Research Design & Methodology 1: Home

Course materials for PSYC 3211, fall of 2015.

Your Class Schedule

Dr. Katherine White

MWF Class 10-10:50
Howard Hall 101

Friday LAB 11-12:50
Woodall Hall 159

Dr. Stephanie da Silva

MWF Class 1-1:50
Howard Hall 106

Wed LAB 10-11:50
How 210 / Woodall 158

PSYC 3211- Welcome!

Course Greetings

Hello! Welcome to the LibGuide for PSYC 3211: Research Design & Methodology 1

We hope you will find this LibGuide easy to use and full of useful information.
Please let Dr. White or Dr. da Silva know if you are having trouble finding resources you need. 

We hope to have a great semester!

PSYC 3211- Course Resources

Course Resources

Each unit in the course will be covered in various resources. All resources are freely available to you in this LibGuide.

The bulk of information we cover will be available in two online textbooks: "Introduction to Statistics" and "Social Science Research: Principles, Methods, and Practices." Both textbooks can be found below this box by clicking the hyperlinks provided. To use the books without internet access you have two options: 1.) Download the entire textbook,  2.) Download the individual chapters provided in the unit tabs.

Individual resources and book chapters are available to download on the Overview pages of the Units (tabs).

You will not be able to download files or connect to web resources without Internet access.
If you know you will be without internet access, you will want to download the files (.pdf or Word files) and save them.

Your Instructors

Dr. Katherine White

Dr. Stephanie da Silva

Your Textbooks

      BhattacherjeeSocial Science Research:Principles, Methods, and Practices 

An introduction to scientific research in the social sciences, business, education, public health, and related disciplines. Written by Anol Bhattacherjee. Listed as "ResMethods" in tabs.

      Lane et al.Introduction to Statistics

This book provides coverage of major topics in an easy to understand non-mathematical manner without compromising depth or accuracy. Statistical concepts are explained using examples from real research. Primary author David M. Lane. Listed as "Stats" in tabs.