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Research Design & Methodology 1: UNIT 4

Course materials for PSYC 3211, fall of 2015.

UNIT 4 - Summary


Unit 4: Sections 1-4

This unit extends our coverage of experiments and various statistical tests to situations in which factors of study become more complex (by increased levels) or situations in which multiple factors are studied. This unit also includes a section about statistical Power.

All resource materials are available to download in the left column of this page. The files, once downloaded, can be used without Internet access. The instructor-created Study Guides (right column) and Powerpoint slides will help direct your attention in appropriate ways while reading and reviewing the content of the materials.

UNIT 4 - Section 1. 
Lane et al., Ch 3 - Power

UNIT 4 - Section 2.
Lane et al., Ch 15 - Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

UNIT 4 - Section 3. 
Factorial ANOVA

UNIT 4 - Section 4.
Post hoc comparisons / Follow-up analyses

UNIT 4 Study Guides & Powerpoints

Use these study guides and powerpoint lectures to help you when you read and review material. These resources tell you what information to take from the readings.