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Research Design & Methodology 1: Additional Resources

Course materials for PSYC 3211, fall of 2015.

Additional Resources

           The New Statistics:

Estimation and Research Integrity

This workshop by Geoff Cumming provides six thirty minute videos that cover a variety of subjects in statistics. A few subjects that are considered are confidence intervals, research integrity, statistical power, and meta-analysis.

          The New Statistics:

Why and How

This article explains why the new statistics are important and offers guidance for their use. The new statistics refers to recommended practices, including estimation based on effect sizes, confidence intervals, and meta-analysis. It describes an eight-step new-statistics strategy for research with integrity.

          Statistics Guide

These notes compiled by Jamie DeCoster provide information on meta-analysis and calculating mean difference and effect sizes.

Unit 1 - Supplemental Resources

Additional Readings & Information for UNIT 1

Helpful Links