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Research Design & Methodology 1: Class Project

Course materials for PSYC 3211, fall of 2015.

Helpful Links to APA Guidelines

Rather than purchasing an APA Guide, we are referring students to online resources that provide quality information about APA Style.

Procedural Information for Class Project

This box contains information about the procedures involved in your study/project about Religious Affiliation and Discrimination.

PSYC 3211- Class Project. Fall2015

Class Research Project -
Assessing Discrimination Using Lost-Letter Technique

The Research Methods 1 project will be conducted as a class group that includes researchers from Dr. White and Dr. da Silva's classes. We will use a research procedure first reported in the 1960's called the "lost-letter technique".

We will review more information with you about the project in the lab meeting during the first week of classes. All the information you need to complete your research project will be provided on this page.

Ask your instructor any questions you have about the project.

Class Project - Ethical Considerations

Class Research Project -
Ethics Training & IRB Approval

ALL students must complete online training and provide copies of their Ethics Certificates to their instructors. Please complete the required Human Subjects Research Training as directed by your instructor. 

A copy of the approved IRB application (with protocol and materials) will be provided below when available.

CLASS PROJECT - Finding Relevant Sources

Part of your introduction to the class project will require you to gather resources related to the topic of the class research project. This means you'll want to find articles and chapters that will help you understand your project and write about your project.

We will review in class the various ways you can obtain published journal articles and book chapters to use in your papers. Let your instructor know if you need more assistance.

How can I use my sources once I find them?