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CougarVIEW Instructor Guides: Import questions into Question Library from file

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Import questions into Question Library from a file

Overview  : The Question Library serves as a centralized hub for storing, organizing, and accessing course-related questions. It allows you to import questions from Quizzes, Surveys, and Self Assessments, facilitating efficient transfer between courses via Copy Course Components. Import options include CSV files and learning object repositories. Note that when importing into surveys or self assessments, Question Library details like answers, point values, and difficulty indicators are automatically excluded. Additionally, Likert questions, unique to surveys, cannot be imported into quizzes and self assessments.

  1. In Question Library, click Import.
  2. From the Import button, select Upload a File.
    Select Upload a File
  3. From the Upload a File Window, select the source where existing questions reside by clicking Browse and selecting the file or dragging and dropping the selected file into the Upload a File Window.
    Browse file
  4. Once the file finishes importing, view the uploaded questions in the Upload a File window.
  5. To import all the questions from the upload, click Import All. To import select questions from the file upload, select the questions you want to upload and click Import.

Import Questions into Question Library Video