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CougarVIEW Instructor Guides: Create matching

Need help with something in CougarVIEW? Good news! We have a number of guides to show you how to use the many tools and resources in CougarVIEW. These guides cover topics like using the grade book, setting up quizzes, creating groups, and many more.

Create matching questions

  1. In the Question Library, from the New button, click Matching Question (MAT).
    Select matching question
  2. In the General area, enter your matching question details.
    Matching question General area
  3. In the Choices area, do the following:
  • Select the grading method for the question.
  • In each Value field, enter a choice.
  • To add additional values for the question, click Add Choice.
    Matching choice area
  1. In the Matches area, do the following:
  • In each Value field, enter a choice.
  • To add additional matches for the question, click Add Match.
  • From the drop-down list for each matching value, select the corresponding Correct Choice.
    Matches area in matching question
  1. To verify your question, click Preview.

Create a Matching Question