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CougarVIEW Instructor Guides: Share a rubric

Need help with something in CougarVIEW? Good news! We have a number of guides to show you how to use the many tools and resources in CougarVIEW. These guides cover topics like using the grade book, setting up quizzes, creating groups, and many more.

Share a rubric

You can create rubrics at the organization, department, or course level. Rubrics are not automatically shared with all child org units below the org unit where they were created. You must explicitly share them if you want to make them available to child org units. Rubrics created at the course level cannot be shared with other courses, however, you can create a rubric in a course template and reuse it in course offerings for that course template.

If you are using Competencies to evaluate users, we recommend you set up rubrics before you set up your competencies, learning objectives, and activities since you cannot create an activity without associating it with a rubric and you cannot assess whether a user has completed a competency or learning objective without assessing the associated activities using the rubric.

  1. From the navbar, under Assessments dropdown, select Rubrics.
    Rubric menu selection
  2. Select on the rubric you want to share with another org unit.
    Click rubric
  3. In the Properties tab, in the Advanced Availability area, select Add Org Units.
  4. Select the org units where you want to share the rubric. If applicable, you can also select sharing options, including This org unit, All descendants, or All descendants of type.
  5. Select Insert.
  6. Select Save.