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CougarVIEW Instructor Guides: Compliance accessibility Standards

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Compliance to accessibility standards in HTML-authored content

An accessibility checker is available within Brightspace Editor for use within Content, Widgets, Quizzes, Assignments, Calendar, Assignments, and any other tools where you can access the Editor.

The accessibility checker is available in the top bar within Brightspace Editor. After you add content in Brightspace Editor, you can click the checker to ensure that the HTML page meets conformance to WCAG and Section 508 accessibility standards.

The accessibility checker reviews content for the use of the following items:

  • Use of paragraphs as headings
  • Sequential headings
  • Adjacent links
  • Ordered list structure
  • Unordered list structure
  • Contrast ratio of text to background colors
  • Image ALT text
  • ALT text file name
  • Table caption
  • Complex table summary
  • Table caption and summary
  • Table heading scope, markup, and headers

The checker indicates if the content is free of accessibility issues, or offers suggestions to fix them.

Note that the accessibility checker does not check multiple files at the same time and does not check files that you have imported into a course. Also be aware that the accessibility checker is only available for HTML files in the HTML Editor tool; it cannot be used to check any other file type, such as MS Word, PDF, PowerPoint, and so on.


  • Here is the BrightSpace link for Compliance to accessibility standards in HTML-authored content.