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CougarVIEW Instructor Guides: Set Release Conditions

Need help with something in CougarVIEW? Good news! We have a number of guides to show you how to use the many tools and resources in CougarVIEW. These guides cover topics like using the grade book, setting up quizzes, creating groups, and many more.

Set Release Conditions

Release conditions allow you to create a custom learning path through the materials in your course. When you attach a release condition to an item, learners cannot see that item until they meet the associated condition.

  1. From the Table of Contents, select on Bulk Edit.

Bulk Edit

  1. Select the Add dates and restrictions... under modules, sub-module or material for which release conditions need to be set.

Add dates and restrictions


  1. To create a new release condition, select Create; or select Browse to locate existing release conditions.

Create or browse


  1. From the Condition Type menu, select from the available options.
  2. Under Conditions Details, select the appropriate condition, and select Create.

Set release condition

  1. Confirm the details of the release condition, and select Update. If the module, sub-module, or material is visible, a Visible if conditions are met label and visibility icon display. If the module, sub-module or material, is hidden, a Hidden. Conditions are inactive labels and Lessons - Hidden iconicon displays. Select the conditions link displays the details of the release conditions.

Update click

Attach a Release Condition


  • Here is the BrightSpace link for Setting Release Conditions in module, sub-module or material.