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CougarVIEW Instructor Guides: Delete module or topic

Need help with something in CougarVIEW? Good news! We have a number of guides to show you how to use the many tools and resources in CougarVIEW. These guides cover topics like using the grade book, setting up quizzes, creating groups, and many more.

Delete a module or topic

You can delete a module, sub-module, or topic from your Table of Contents in the Classic Content experience.

 Note: Deleting a module or sub-module deletes all topics within that module or sub-module.

  1. On the navbar, select Content.


  1. In the Table of Contents panel, select the module or topic you want to delete.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If you are deleting a module, select Delete Module from the module's context menu.
    • If you are deleting a topic, select Delete Topic from the topic's context menu.
    • If you are deleting a sub-module, select Delete Sub-module.

Delete Module


Delete Topic


  1. Decide whether you want to remove the module or topic from the Content view only or permanently delete the module or topic from the course (this will also delete all associated objects including discussions, quizzes, etc).
  2. Select Delete.

Permanent Delete

Delete a module