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CougarVIEW Instructor Guides: Create Assignment

Need help with something in CougarVIEW? Good news! We have a number of guides to show you how to use the many tools and resources in CougarVIEW. These guides cover topics like using the grade book, setting up quizzes, creating groups, and many more.

Steps to create an assignment

Overview: - In the Create and Edit Assignments page offers an immersive and user-friendly layout for instructors, ensuring a seamless experience in managing assignments. It aligns with the familiar design of the platform, making it easy to upload, create, and organize assignments. Instructors can efficiently track submission details, associate assignments with rubrics and competencies, and deliver grades and feedback promptly. Moreover, this platform accommodates both digital and traditional assignment formats, making it versatile for various educational contexts.

  1. On the navigation bar, choose the "Assessments" dropdown and then select the "Assignment" Item. 

Assignment Option

  1. On the Assignments page, select New Assignment.

New Assignment

  1. Enter a NameInstructions, and add any Attachments.

Assignment Details

  1. Select an Assignment Type, Individual assignment or Group assignment. Group assignment enables you to have one submission per group, but you must associate the assignment with a Group Category. Any group member can submit and view files for a group assignment.

Submission options

  1. Select a Submission type.
    • For File submissions, set the number of Files Allowed Per Submission and the Submissions rules.
    • For Text submissions, set the Submission rules.
    • For On paper submissions, set Marked as completed to one of the available options: Manually by learnersAutomatically on evaluation, or Automatically on due date.
    • For Observed in person assignments, set Marked as completed to one of the available options: Manually by learnersAutomatically on evaluation, or Automatically on due date.
  2. Do any of the following:
    • To receive an email message when a new submission is uploaded to this assignment, in the Notification Email field, enter your email address, or a comma-separated list of email addresses.
      Note: This field is only available when the assignment Submission Type is set to File submissions or Text submissions.
    • To associate the assignment with a category, select a Category or select New Category.
    • To assign a score, in the Score Out Of field, enter a value. If there's also an associated grade item, maintain consistency by matching the value of the Out Of field to the grade item's Max. Points value.
    • To associate the assignment with a grade item in your grade book, select a Grade Item, or select New Grade Item. Note that only numeric grade items can be associated with assignments.
    • To change the display settings for the assignment's grade item, select the Student View Preview context menu, then Edit Display Settings.
    • To associate a rubric to the assignment, select Add Rubric, or Create Rubric in New Window.
    • To hide annotation tools in the document viewer, under Annotation tools, uncheck the Make annotation tools available for assessment check box.
      Note: The use of annotation tools must be enabled for your course to see the option to disable annotation tools.
  3. Select Save.

Assignments - Create an Assignment - Instructor


  • Here is the BrightSpace link for Creating an assignment using the classic experience.