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CPSC 1302, ALG Grant 2019-2020: Home

CPSC 1302, ALG Grant 2019-2020

Goal of Textbook Transformation Project

The goal of the Textbook Transformation for Computer Science Foundation Courses project is to transform all sections of three core Computer Science (CS) courses into affordable no-cost courses that use OERs to help each student save the cost of textbooks during  completion of their degree requirements. The three target courses are: CS II (CPSC 1302), Data Structures (CPSC 2108) and Information Security (CPSC 2106). These transformations will be adopted by all sections in the Total Systems (TSYS) School of Computer Science. These courses are currently required for all Computer Science and Information Technology majors so every student in the TSYS School of Computer Science will benefit from the transformation. This course Libguide curates specific selected OER materials for the course. 

Course Descriptions

CPSC 1302. Computer Science 2 (3-0-3) Prerequisite: CPSC 1301 with grade of "C" or better. A continuation of CPSC 1301. This course emphasizes programming using object-oriented methods. The fundamentals used in designing, developing and using classes, encapsulation, inheritance mechanisms, polymorphism and dynamic binding.

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