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Government Documents: Sudoc Classification

The Government Documents Department supports the Libraries' objectives by providing federal and state resources, instruction and other services for Columbus State University and the local community.


Federal documents are arranged by the U.S. Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) Classification System based on the issuing government agency.

For example, the SuDocs number for the Department of Justice begins with "J" and "ED" identifies documents from the Department of Education.

A more detailed guide to SuDoc can be found here and an extensive lists of SuDoc numbers and agencies can be found here.

These 2 example shows how a SuDoc classification number is constructed:

  • Title:  Occupational Outlook Handbook    SuDoc Number:   L 2.3/4:2006-07

           L   Labor Dept. (issuing agency)    2.   Bureau of Labor Statistics (subordinate bureau within the agency)     3/4:  no. designating the title     2006-07   year

  • Title:  International Energy Outlook with projections to...      SuDoc Number:  E 3.11/20-3:1999

           E  Energy Dept. (issuing agency)   3.  Energy Information Admin. (subordinate bureau within the agency)  11/20-3:  no. designating title     1999  year

Other agency prefixes

*From Washington State University Libraries*

A  Agriculture Department   

J  Justice Department

C  Commerce Department  

JU Judiciary

D Defense Department  

L Labor Department

E Energy Department

LC Library of Congress  

ED  Education Department  

NAS  National Aeronautics and Space Administration 

EP  Environmental Protection Agency 

PR  President of the United States

GA  General Accountability Office

PREX  Executive Office of the President

GS  General Services Administration 

S  State Department

HE  Health and Human Services Department 

SI  Smithsonian Institution

HS  Homeland Security

T   Treasury

I Interior Department

X, Y   Congress